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About FundoLinker

FundoLinker is a democratized online education community which enables students, parents and guardians to discover schools, trainers and tutors which best suit their needs, location and family. In addition it helps schools, trainers and tutors communicate with students, parents and guardians in a noble, dignified and cost effective way. Support in form of scholarships, event and tournament support, and other special programs is kindly given to students, schools, trainers and tutors in the FundoLinker community.

Our belief

We firmly believe that creating a trusted online education community that is self sustainable, flexible and assistance oriented will remarkably help its stakeholders grow, shine and succeed. Our philosophy is centered on recognition, communication and support. A school, trainer or tutor that is transparent, cooperative and consistent in the dignified and disciplined FundoLinker community has a greater chance of attracting and retaining the right students, getting the attention and collaboration of parents, guardians and students, as well as getting financial assistance for their students from the community.

What is in the FundoLinker name

Fundo means education in Zimbabwe. It's a Ndebele word and we love it. So our English name can be EducationLinker. But we like a hybrid name so we are okay with FundoLinker. With FundoLinker everyone in the FundoLinker community is linked. We link parents, guardians and students with the right schools, trainers and tutors. Conversely schools, trainers and tutors are linked with the right students. Students in need are linked with crowd donors and the FundoLinker scholarship wing. When communicating schools, trainers or tutors are linked with parents, guardians and students. Education related companies are linked with students, parents, guardians, schools, trainers and tutors who require their products or services.


FundoLinker values are focused at helping the education community grow, develop and succeed. We wholeheartedly believe that transparency is important. So we as the FundoLinker company must lead by example. Schools, trainers, tutors, crowd donors, students, parents and guardians must be inspired and encouraged by the way we do our business. The FundoLinker company must create and maintain a trusted education network that is self sustainable, flexible and help oriented. And this is only possible if a culture of openness, fairness, transparency, communication and collaboration is fostered in the FundoLinker community.

FundoLinker must have robust mechanisms to deter fake, evil, unethical, uncommitted and unfit schools, trainers, tutors and companies. Dignity and discipline is central to any education community. On the other hand FundoLinker must be flexible with very low barriers to entry and exit to schools, trainers, tutors and companies. A school, trainer, tutor or company is free to join and leave FundoLinker anytime.

Internally we must strive to work on implementing the changes we seek. Rather than complaining about things that suck, we expect everyone at FundoLinker to fix problems wherever they run into them. We are a company that is always looking for improvements to make our platforms,frameworks and tools even better.

Learn more in our mission and vision document!


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