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FundoLinker Front Banner FundoLinker is where schools, companies, skilled people and donors meet and collaborate to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students.
FundoLinker Solution

FundoLinker links students to an integrated set of companies, schools, professionals and donors for better education, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

FundoLinker is a skill oriented and socially responsible dedicated education community which is guided by the following principles among others:
  • Produce quality skills not mere certificates
  • Build your future employees instead of lazily waiting for employees to come to you
  • Create your future students rather than lazily waiting for students to come to you
  • Build your future customers instead of lazily waiting for customers to come to you

Underlying Magic
Companies, schools, universities, colleges, professionals, donors, skilled people, veterans of the industry, students, parents and guardians! The FundoLinker community is ideal for you as we urge you to build skills together with other stakeholders, collectively tackling skills building challenges. Join FundoLinker Now or Sign In to FundoLinker Now and do your part.

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Appendix 1.0.0

Provider Table

School Company Industry Veteran Crowd Donor
Crowd financial help Crowd financial help Crowd financial help Crowd financial help
Information Information Information Information
Veteran verification Veteran verification Career guidance  
Subjects Occupations Professional counseling  
Courses Internships Networking  
Programmes Apprenticeships    
  Graduate trainee programs