A brief tour of FundoLinker

We help an education community to grow and succeed. Our platform and tools excel at this by promoting: Recognition of hardworking and result oriented schools, trainers and tutors, Communication between schools, trainers or tutors and parents, guardians or students, and Support to deserving students, schools, trainers and tutors in form of scholarships, event and tournament support, and other special programs.

We bring technology and humanity to the education community tieing recognition, communication and support together enabling schools, trainers, tutors and students to grow, shine and succeed.

Let us follow the story of Tsitsi and her neighbour Ruvheneko as we navigate the core features of FundoLinker.

Tsitsi is a mother with two children namely Rudo and Tatenda. Ruvheneko is also a mother with two children namely Paida and Tendai.

Tsitsi is back from UK

Tsitsi is looking for a Grade 1 place for Rudo and a Form 1 place for Tatenda. She is someone who values education and she has to find the right schools for her children. She can't just randomly pick schools as this is dangerous for her lovely children. Ruvheneko refers her to FundoLinker. She can find a pool of suitable schools from one place carefully going through the profiles of schools and their ongoing communication and feedback. "This, Tagona High School, seems to be very good at football based on their events and publications I am seeing. The school is also making a huge progress in academics. My son Tatenda plays football and is a Messi in the making. This school is ideal for him", says Tsitsi. Finally she settles for Tagona High School and Gonesa Primary School for Tatenda and Rudo respectively.

Bring safe water tomorrow please

Coincidentally, both Tagona High School and Gonesa Primary School are facing water crisis. They want their students to bring safe water the following day. They close at 1600hrs everyday and it will be too late to send this crucial announcement day end to parents and guardians. Thanks to FundoLinker. They send the announcement on FundoLinker and it reaches the parents and guardians of their students immediately. Tsitsi receives an email and sms with this announcement while at work. Also her FundoLinker mobile app gets this crucial announcement. On her way home she can buy four bottles of water for Tatenda and Rudo. As soon as she opens her entrance door at home she hears this from her children- "Mom there will be no water tomorrow at our schools tomorrow. Where can we buy the water? It's now late". Smiling at them Tsitsi says "Don't worry here is your water my lovely children. Let me refrigerate it."

Tragedy hits Tsitsi

Tsitsi lost her brother Tozivepi. Tozivepi is survived by his ailing wife Nyarai and son Nhamo, a form six student at Ramangwana High School. Double tragedy! Nhamo desperately needs money to register for A Level exams in two months time but the burdened Tsitsi let alone Nyarai has no money at all. "Yes, we can apply for a crowd funding scholarship on FundoLinker", remembers Tsitsi at last. Tsitsi applies for a crowd funding scholarship for Nhamo on FundoLinker. She puts all relevant details including Nhamo's O Level and Grade 7 result slips and A Level school reports. Ramangwana High School accepts this application adding their relevant details. Nhamo's former secondary school and primary school namely Dende Seconday School and Zivoyashe Primary School recommend Nhamo's application.

But those prospective crowd donors on FundoLinker will only assist after carefully examining this application. They carefully go though the profiles and ongoing communication and feedback of Ramangwana High School, Dende Secondary School and Zivoyashe Primary School. Finally the convinced crowd donors start pouring money towards helping Nhamo on FundoLinker. Yes, Nhamo is a registered A Level exam candidate thanks to the benevolent crowd donors and FundoLinker. Tsitsi and Nyarai can sigh a relief.

Scramble for information in Ruvheneko's house

It's weekend and Ruvheneko is browsing her phone in her house. But she is not alone in this house. Her two children Paida and Tendai are right next to her. And Tsitsi's children Rudo and Tendai are also in the house. Ruvheneko and Tsitsi are good neighbours. Love your neighbour! Nhamo is also in the house. Do you remember Nhamo?

It all started with the young Paida. "Mum, do you have a FundoLinker mobile app in your phone?", the enthusiastic Paida asked. "Yes I do, what do you need it for Paida?", responded the curious Ruvheneko. "I want to show you what is happening at my school, Dzidzondishe Primary School", said Paida. "Mum I also want to show you what is happening at my driving school, Uchagona Driving School. They bought three more nice vehicles. Let me show you", interrupted Tendai. "Auntie, I also want to show you the good news coming from my school, Gonesa Primary School", said the young Rudo. "My dream of becoming a software engineer is still alive, my A level exam registration was crowd funded on FundoLinker. Let me show you Auntie.", said the jovial Nhamo.

"Okay, I will give you my phone and use it to access FundoLinker together. I have opened the FundoLinker app for you. Don't go to other apps especially those social media and chatting apps. I am afraid of your dignity and discipline.", said Ruvheneko before leaving to see a visitor outside who has been knocking relentlessly.

Driver's License Scholarships: Hurry up!

Realizing that many road accidents are being caused by careless and unlicensed drivers the FundoLinker company would like to be a part of the solution. The FundoLinker company would like to give USD12,000 to 60 learners in Zimbabwe. The FundoLinker company invites interested driving schools to apply for this "unusual" scholarship. Uchagona Driving School shows interest in this scholarship. Sorry I did not tell you that Ruvheneko's son Tendai is a learner at Uchagona Driving School but has been on and off due to lack of money. Tendai applies for this scholarship choosing Uchagona Driving School as his driving school. Uchagona can accept Tendai's application since he is their student and is a passionate and disciplined learner.

At the end of this scholarship period, a FundoLinker Scholarship engine is run to select the best suitable students. Fortunately Tendai is one of the winners of this scholarship thanks to the rich profile and constant participation of Uchagona Driving School in the FundoLinker community. Now Uchagona Driving School and Tendai can work very hard to utilize this rare scholarship without failure. Ultimately the hardworking Tendai gets his clean Class 4 driver's license. "Tsitsi, I am super excited today my son Tendai is now fully employable", says the elated Ruvheneko shaking hands with her neighbour of 10 years.