About the FundoLinker Team

We are building a platform and tools that will be used by the FundoLinker community. The community should enjoy recognition, communication and support that we passionately give them through technology. That's how we grow. We're by no means perfect. But we are good at listening and improving , and our efficient team has you covered.

Every country or organization has its heroes. FundoLinker is no exception and the following humble and simple team members are incredibly setting up a strong foundation for FundoLinker, bulldozing a way that will see schools, trainers, tutors, parents ,guardians and students grow, shine and succeed in the education community.

Charles Chigoriwa

Charles Chigoriwa Picture

Charles Chigoriwa is a parent who together with his wife struggled to get the right school for their daughter in Harare. He was frustrated with the way the school of their daughter was communicating with them. But the formal schooling of Charles was not an easy road. Since he lost his parents at the age of 13, he had to get assistance from well wishers to complete his education.

In the beginning of 2016 Charles thought of creating an online education platform that would help students, parents and guardians discover the right schools, trainers and tutors. The same platform would assist schools, trainers and tutors communicate with students, parents and guardians in a noble and dignified way. Then just like an any other normal community help and support should prevail in that education community in form of scholarships, event and tournament support and other special programs. That was compelling enough to give birth to FundoLinker.

Tafadzwa Hozheri

Tafadzwa Hozheri Picture

Tafadzwa Hozheri is a 19 year old young man who failed to enroll for Form 5 despite passing his O Levels with flying colors. After Charles Chigoriwa pitched the idea of FundoLinker to him Tafadzwa jumped on board vowing to help other students with similar financial challenges to continue with their education with the right schools, trainers and tutors. Today Tafadzwa is an integral part of FundoLinker and is busy evangelizing FundoLinker to every school, trainer, tutor, student, parent, guardian and potential crowd donor he meets. He aspires to become our lead FundoLinker Android developer.

Arthur Tapfuma

Arthur Tapfuma Picture

Arthur Tapfuma is our lead evangelist and marketer for FundoLinker having joined FundoLinker just after a minimum viable FundoLinker platform was created. Arthur helped in proving that our hypothesis and idea was working. He faces a challenging and interesting journey of persuading schools, trainers, tutors, students, potential crowd donors and fellow parents to embrace FundoLinker and the FundoLinker platform. While the idea behind FundoLinker is great he has to be patient.

Shupikai Phiri

Mai Phiri Picture

She is special indeed. Shupikai is our first female team member. She values education highly and was fascinated by FundoLinker at its early stages. She can see the light being illuminated by FundoLinker that's why she is wholeheartedly evangelizing FundoLinker to as many education providers, education seekers and potential crowd donors as she can. But she will be busy soon looking for scholarships for deserving students in the FundoLinker community. Well done Mother FundoLinker!