FundoLinker Philosophy

The FundoLinker philosophy is based on recognition, communication and support.


  • FundoLinker encourages its schools, trainers and tutors to be transparent, open and professional to students, parents, guardians and crowd donors.
  • Schools, trainers and tutors must bear in mind that they are in a community that values dignity and discipline.
  • Schools, trainers and tutors must strive to create their rich profiles which reflect their subjects, courses, affiliations, employments, qualifications, places, lessons, training programs, venues, addresses and contacts in detail.
  • Schools, trainers and tutors are strictly advised to communicate almost everyday using FundoLinker dignified communication tools.
  • Schools, trainers and tutors are advised to keep their profiles up to date every time.
  • Schools, trainers and tutors are advised to participate in FundoLinker scholarships and crowd funding scholarships where possible. Schools must educate their students about the scholarship programs available on FundoLinker.
  • We advise parents, guardians and students to carefully examine a school, tutor or trainer on FundoLinker before choosing their education provider. They must carefully look at the profile, announcements , events, publication articles and news feed of the school, trainer or tutor before making their decision of choosing a school, trainer or tutor. Parents, guardians and students must know their school, trainer or tutor through FundoLinker.


Everyday is a selling day

Schools, trainers and tutors. Don't wait until it's end of year and start printing those fliers and magazines, going to press, etc. Rather sell your school or yourself through your well updated rich profile and ongoing communication and feedback on FundoLinker everyday. On FundoLinker eyes are on you. Students, parents, guardians and crowd donors are constantly checking on you.

Let students, parents and guardians come to you

Schools, trainers and tutors. Don't be that desperate. Don't throw yourself to students, parents and guardians. It's expensive for nothing. Just join FundoLinker. Keep an up to date rich profile. Strive to communicate with parents, guardians and students everyday on FundoLinker pertaining your announcements,events,publication articles and news. Get those priceless praises and comments about you from students, parents and guardians. FundoLinker will assemble your well updated rich profile, ongoing communication, praises and comments to come up with a 360 degree enhanced profile that is attractive to parents, guardians, students and crowd donors.

Empower students, parents and guardians

Students need the right schools, trainers and tutors to succeed. Undeniable. On the other hand schools, trainers and tutors need the right students to achieve their goals and mission. As a school, trainer or tutor constantly provide all the pieces of information that will help a student, parent or guardian choose you as their right education provider. Even if you are the only school, trainer or tutor available parents, guardians and students would like to know what is happening at your school and assist you where you need help through the information you transparently provide.

Be on FundoLinker everyday

Schools, trainers and tutors. Back to you once again. Be available on FundoLinker everyday. Pay your subscriptions in time and be hyperactive in the FundoLinker community. We are against a school, trainer or tutor who disappear on FundoLinker and only reappear when they are looking for students, applying for scholarships for their students in need, looking for employment or whatever. Consistent schools, trainers and tutors in the FundoLinker community are always preferred and rewarded in so many aspects.

Blessed are those who help our students in need

Strive to be a crowd donor in the FundoLinker community. Help those students in need. You don't need to be rich to help our students in need. You just need to be compassionate and have a few cents. Together with other crowd donors you can make a huge difference and help transform those desperate students to become the leaders of our respective countries and organizations. Also invite your former and current classmates, workmates, schoolmates etc to join FundoLinker as crowd donors. There is power in numbers. Blessed are those who invite too.

When you help try not to discriminate...

As a crowd donor it's natural that you are likely to help those students from your former school. But let it not end there. Help students from other schools too. But it may not be your fault. Schools, schools, schools! I reiterate. Please maintain your rich profile on FundoLinker. Communicate with parents, guardians and students using our tools in terms of your announcements, events, publication articles and news everyday. Let those warm hearted crowd donors fully know about your school before donating to your student in need. That said we implore our crowd donors not to discriminate students in need based on their schools, age, creed, color, race or religion.