Our Mission and Vision


"Every school, trainer, tutor and student gets recognition, information and support that helps them grow, shine and succeed"

We believe that a dedicated education community is crucial in helping its schools, trainers, tutors, students, parents and guardians get the most value out of it in terms of recognition, communication and support.

Company mission

"To create an amazing platform and tools for the education community to grow and succeed"

We create an online education platform where

1. Right schools, trainers and tutors are effortlessly discovered by students, parents and guardians who require their teaching services.

2. Schools, trainers and tutors communicate with parents, guardians and students using dignified and cost effective tools.

3. Deserving students get scholarships from the resultant community fairly and transparently.

4. Companies give career guidance, advices, recommendations and internships to students and schools.

5. Support also goes to suitable schools, trainers and tutors in form of event and tournament support and other special programs.


Our commitment is to create a trusted education community that will enable its stakeholders to trust and support each other. Schools, trainers and tutors as well as education related companies in the FundoLinker community must be trusted and well recognized by students, parents, guardians and crowd donors. The stakeholders must be able to communicate in a dignified way using tools and frameworks that preserve dignity and discipline of the education community.

If we create a trusted network of schools, trainers, tutors, students, parents, guardians, crowd donors and education related companies then support in form of scholarships, event and tournament programs, and other special programs can flow naturally in it in abundance.

FundoLinker must have solid mechanisms to eliminate fake, evil, unethical, uncommitted and unfit schools, trainers, tutors and companies.

Our Values

Mission and Vision define the big picture, and our values define how we get there.

Think like our customers and users

Always think like students, parents, guardians, schools, trainers ,tutors and crowd donors. We are serving a community with a gigantic audience which believes in dignity, discipline, cost effectiveness, support, transparency and openness. When making decisions, always consider what the customer and user would prefer. Mind their budget and culture. Sometimes an entire extra mile is needed, but often it doesn't require much to make a customer happy. When you make students, parents and guardians happy you will automatically make their schools, trainers and tutors happy.

Be the change you seek

Constructive criticism is always good. Keep it coming. Lack of constructive criticism will kill FundoLinker. But whenever you think "this is not great" or "this needs improvement" , don't just complain and keep it to yourself. We encourage everyone to shape the company and it's processes. Don't just grumble, get up and make change happen, and rally others to help you.

We are a united team, not stars

We are assembling a team of passionate and capable people who care about serving an education community especially in developing countries. Most of us quit their day job at reputable companies to pursue this challenging and interesting mission of serving an education community. And we keep sacrificing and improvising where possible. We're here not for the limelight, we're here to work together, to give each other feedback and to learn from others. Even the best in their respective field have to check their ego at the door and play nicely.