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Why skills?

Skills produce. Skills buy!

Skills produce quality products or services for companies. Skills make people employed ultimately making them or their dependents able to buy products or services of companies.

Challenges to skills building

  • Wrong career
  • Wrong course or subjects
  • Wrong school
  • Wrong trainer or teacher
  • Failure to pay school fees
  • Failure to satisfy basic needs(food, shelter, clothes etc) while schooling
These challenges lead to mediocre to zero skills.


There is no effective, holistic way to tackle skills building challenges.



A dedicated education community which comprises schools, companies, industry veterans, and donors who collaborate to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students. FundoLinker connects students to schools, companies, industry veterans, and donors for better education, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities.


  1. Every individual, company or school is a scholarship donor.
  2. Every industry veteran must strive to participate in home based skill offering by providing specialized career guidance, mentorship and networking to students.
  3. Every company should provide career guidance, training, information and jobs to students.
  4. Every school should detail its subjects, courses and information to students, parents and guardians
  5. Every company is advised to display all its departments and occupations to students as part of its career guidance.
  6. Collective scholarships are really encouraged. Individuals, companies and schools collaborate to assist a student in need at any given time. Nothing beats numbers!
  7. Bind occupations, subjects and courses to provide a complete career+subject+course picture.
  8. Schools and companies consult veterans to mentor their students and interns, and help implement their curriculums. Veterans get recommendations and references from schools and companies.
  9. Companies are the main beneficiary of skills.
  10. Build your future employee. Build your future customer. Build your future fellow entrepreneur.

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