Crowd Scholarships

Crowd Scholarships

What is a crowd scholarship?

A crowd scholarship is a scholarship or financial assistance that is given to a student by a collection of companies, schools and individual donors in the FundoLinker community. At any given time a student may fail to pay school fees or satisfy basic needs while schooling. It is the duty of the entire FundoLinker community to collectively assist this desperate student knowing that there is power in numbers. Nothing beats numbers!

Recommending a crowd scholarship

Your former students may require recommendations as they apply for crowd scholarships. It is vital for your school to provide the much needed recommendations to reinforce a crowd scholarship and increase chances of your former student to get the required financial help from the FundoLinker community. Your student, whether former or current, is always your student let your school cooperate and assist their former students as much as they can.

Collective assistance

While help can come from companies and individuals it is highly recommended for a school to assist students from other schools. Your school does not need to be rich to help students from other schools. It just needs to be compassionate and understanding. We are a family and your turn shall come. Teachers and other staff members just like other individuals are encouraged to assist students in need in the FundoLinker community on their own. It is worth noting that an individual donor is given an opportunity to write something about himself or herself, his or her church, or something else on his or her donation record.

Millions of students are in dire need of career guidance, financial help, information, industrial attachment, apprenticeships and graduate trainee jobs. FundoLinker is proud to bring together companies, crowd donors, skilled people, universities, colleges, and primary and secondary schools to tackle this seemingly insurmountable problem head on. FundoLinker Research & Development
Support other people’s children since they are the employees, customers and employers of your own children tomorrow. Thus, secure the future of your children by supporting other people’s children. Charles Chigoriwa, FundoLinker CEO, cofounder and head of Community
Every individual, school or company from our communities is a scholarship provider unless they are not a team player. Tafadzwa Hozheri, FundoLinker CTO
Every skilled person can provide specialized career guidance, professional counseling, and networking to students especially in their respective communities. Arthur Tapfuma, FundoLinker CMO
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