Schools, trainers and tutors who believe in transparency, ongoing open communication and feedback, and support are attractive to students, parents and guardians as well as to our generous individual donors.

No need to rush to press. No need to print those fliers. No need to be desperate. Just maintain an online presence with FundoLinker and students, parents and guardians will naturally discover you.

Rich 360 degree profiles

FundoLinker gives schools,trainers and tutors the ability to create rich 360 degree profiles.

A rich 360 profile contains all your selling points in different categories such as summary, subjects or courses you offer, student levels, qualifications, affiliations, lessons and places.

In addition your profile is enriched with your ongoing communication and feedback in terms of announcements, events, publication articles, news feed, and praises from parents, guardians and students.

360 Profile

Empower students, parents and guardians

With a rich 360 degree profile, parents, guardians and students feel empowered to adequately know about a school, trainer or tutor.

A student needs a right school, trainer or tutor to succeed. On the other hand a school, trainer or tutor needs the right students to be triumphant. In FundoLinker we aid the decision making of a parent, guardian or student when looking for a school, trainer or tutor.

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Around Me

FundoLinker automatically matches parents, guardians and students with suitable schools, trainers and tutors.

Yes we suggest the right schools, trainers or tutors for you or your children while you work very hard at work. We know you are very busy and you can't find time to go school after school, trainer after trainer or tutor after tutor to look for the right schools,trainers or tutors.

Your child is turning 6 next year? No problem. We suggest possible Grade One schools. Your daughter or son is turning 16 soon? Still not a problem. We suggest suitable driving schools for her/him.

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The FundoLinker Philosophy

It is the FundoLinker philosophy which gives a school, trainer or tutor an enormous ability to attract and retain students.

We encourage schools, trainers and tutors to create their rich profiles on FundoLinker, regularly communicate with students, parents and guardians using our dignified tools, as well as participating in FundoLinker scholarship programs. Come end of year or whatever time they feel they need students a school, trainer or tutor will have every selling point in place and right students, parents and guardians will be flocking to them.

We don't believe in rushing to press, printing beautiful fliers or any other way to lure students to a school, trainer or tutor. A school, trainer or tutor just needs to become an active participant in the FundoLinker community and get the recognition they deserve.