FundoLinker Mobile Application

Our FundoLinker mobile application is tailored to the needs of parents, guardians and students. Typically most students, parents and guardians do not have a computer or have a computer which is rarely used, experience poor Internet connection, and can not afford huge data bundles. Our mobile application to the rescue.

Most users like me are jealousy of their hard earned data bundles and are furious at those applications which are always hungry for their data bundles. Beware of crocodile applications! As one of the designers and developers of the FundoLinker mobile application I did not want to be a victim of myself. We made the FundoLinker mobile app to be a responsible citizen in your phone. With or without data bundles which are specific to FundoLinker (yes FundoLinker data bundles you can imagine) our mobile application should act responsibly and try not to use data bundles unnecessarily.


The FundoLinker Mobile app will lead you to its user friendly home screen straight away. The home screen contains 8 primary buttons which comprises News Feed, Announcements, Events, Articles, Schools, Teachers, Places and Lessons. You don't need to be registered with FundoLinker or sign in to access these sections.

The first 4 sections: News Feed, Announcements, Events and Articles are meant for communication. The last 4 sections: Schools, Teachers, Places and Lessons are useful when looking or searching for schools, teachers, places and lessons.

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If you have one or more children going to school and you want to receive communication from their respective schools, trainers or tutors you will find our communication sections very useful. Let us give an example here. Let's say there is Tsitsi who has two children namely Rudo and Tatenda attending school at Mhizha Primary School and Tagonesa Secondary School respectively. Tsitsi would like to receive communication from these schools from one place and FundoLinker is ideal for her. Using our Mobile App here are the steps she follows:
1) Tap the Schools Button.
2) On the menu select search schools
3) Type the name of the school: Mhizha and click search
4) Select Mhizha Primary School which takes her to the profile of Mhizha Primary School
5) Tap the Follow button just at the top of Mhizha primary school.

She will do the same for Tagonesa Secondary School.
Now on the home screen she can tap the communication buttons to receive communication in a structured manner from both schools. Simple and intuitive!

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Data Handling

Every data that you access from the FundoLinker mobile app is stored locally on your phone to preserve your data bundles. The app will only retrieve data from the FundoLinker central server the first time you access a particular section. If you access the same section later the app will start in offline mode for that section. Note the refresh date. Refresh date is the time at which the data for a particular section was last downloaded from the FundoLinker central server. Tap the refresh button to retrieve the latest version of the data of a particular section and you will be in online mode for that section. For communication sections and other sections like schools,places, teachers and lessons you can tap go offline to go offline immediately for a particular section thereby preserving your data bundles as you will be scrolling downwards.

Liking, commenting, scholarships and other features

Our first version of FundoLinker mobile app does not support social features liking and commenting other than following. We will add these features in our next version. There are still plenty of features we want to work on, but this first version is really good already. It's a tiny download and a great extension to the main application.

Note: If you are a student or a parent/guardian and need to apply for financial assistance or participate in our FundoLinker scholarships you have to use our website Our mobile app is not yet supporting scholarships.


We are putting final touches to our mobile app and will be available on the Google Playstore soon. If you think downloading the app from the Google playstore is too expensive for you don't worry you are covered. You can pass through our offices and we will install the FundoLinker mobile app while we share jokes with you. In addition to our friendly app you can also get a cup of coffee if you are lucky that day. We are also thinking about sending our mobile team to respective schools so that they assist parents, guardians and students with installing our app on their phones. And we will be talking to a number of handset manufactures soon so that they install FundoLinker on their beautiful phones before selling them to you.