Communication fosters collaboration and coordination between schools, trainers or tutors, and students, parents or guardians. When information is properly and timeously sent to parents, guardians and students engagement can be achieved. Whether a parent is in Diaspora, at work or in remote places, with proper communication they feel much closer to the school, trainer or tutor of their children. In addition communication contains selling points which can make the recognition of an education provider even better

We provide a well managed communication platform that promotes instant communication between schools,trainers or tutors and parents, guardians or students. Our communication features are specific to the education community, a community that is typically known for discipline and dignity. Moreover our communication tools are carefully crafted to be used in areas with poor Internet connectivity taking into consideration that data bundles are still very expensive.


Schools, trainers and tutors can instantly send their announcements to parents, guardians and students. Announcements are usually short, frequent and have high priority.

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Schools can create events in the FundoLinker community to allow parents, guardians and students to prepare, participate and know about the event.

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Publication Articles

Publication articles comprise news articles and general articles written by a school, trainer and tutor. Publication articles are usually more detailed. You can add more details to your announcement by providing a corresponding publication article.

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News Feed

Almost every activity of a school, trainer or tutor in the FundoLinker community that is relevant for public consumption is recorded and send to pertinent students, parents and guardians.

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Schools, trainers and tutors

Currently schools, trainers and tutors can send their communication to students, parents and guardians using our FundoLinker website and this is best done on a computer using latest versions of reputable browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We advise our schools, trainers and tutors to have at least one computer that is connected to internet via wifi, internet broadband or any other means at their premises. Don't have a computer? Not connected to the Internet? Let us know we are eager to help. Don't be stuck in the past. Invest in ICT and get that competitive edge. You won't regret.

However, you can still use your mobile phone to communicate with students, parents and guardians. Our website is mobile friendly. Use rich browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome when accessing FundoLinker. Browsers such as Opera Mini are not supported by FundoLinker.

Crowd Scholarship Donors

Our generous crowd donors will have to use our Website to get information about students in need as well as to donate to these students.

Just like schools, tutors and trainers our donors are advised to make use of rich browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari when accessing the FundoLinker website

Students, parents and guardians

Students, parents and guardians are advised to make use of the FundoLinker mobile application specifically for communication and searching for schools, tutors, trainers, places and lessons. The functionality is a streamlined version of our website and is tailored to the needs of students, parents and guardians. Typically most students, parents and guardians do not have a computer, experience poor Internet connectivity, and can not afford large data bundles. As such we are proud to give them our well crafted Mobile application that allows them to receive communication from their schools, trainers and tutors with ease and convenience without breaking their budget. Learn more about the FundoLinker mobile app

However, if you are lucky to have a computer or a smartphone with a reliable and affordable Internet connectivity accessing FundoLinker from its website is the best as for now. You just need to make use of rich browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Browsers such as Opera Mini are not supported by FundoLinker currently.

Note: If you are a student or a parent/guardian and need to apply for financial assistance or participate in our FundoLinker scholarships you have to use our website Our mobile app is not yet supporting scholarships.