Features Overview

Our dedicated education platform makes it effortlessly to find the right school, trainer or tutor while helping schools, trainers and tutors to communicate with students, parents and guardians. In addition support such as scholarships and event and tournament support flows naturally in its community. It is an education community where everyone is linked, ultimately helping them to grow and succeed.


We are creating a specialized education community where hard working and result oriented schools, tutors and trainers are easily noticed. Today we have many schools, trainers and tutors such that it is extremely difficult to find the right schools, trainers and tutors based on your criteria. Moreover some of them are relying on yesteryear glory and achievements only to get noticed.

The following ingredients make recognition of a serious school, trainer or tutor very easy.
(1) Creating a rich profile of your school or yourself as a trainer or tutor in a dedicated online education community
(2) Regularly communicating with your students and their parents or guardians using our dignified modern communication tools.
(3) Actively participating in FundoLinker scholarships and other scholarship programs as defined by the FundoLinker community
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Don't frustrate students, parents and guardians by sending your communication to them using fliers, slips, magazines and over congested tools.

We build the dignified communication tools which are fit for the education community. You can effortlessly send your announcements, events, news articles and news feed to parents and make sure that the communication instantly reaches your targeted parents, guardians and students. Our communication tools are not hungry for data bundles making them ideal to be used by parents, guardians and students who often jealously guard their hard earned bundles.
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Tell us a real community with no help and support prevailing in it. FundoLinker knows that there are students who can't continue with their education due to financial challenges. Some schools, trainers and tutors particularly those starting in the education or training community may need support to grow and succeed. Someone can fail to acquire a driver's license because of unavailability of money.

FundoLinker is therefore supporting its students, schools, trainers and tutors through scholarships, crowd funding, event and tournament support and other special programs. While we offer almost all types of scholarships we prefer mini scholarships such as driver's license scholarships, exam registration scholarships, tutorial scholarships and even stationery scholarships. Such seemingly small and unusual scholarships can make a profound impact in one's life.
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