A course, degree or diploma has a corresponding discipline.
Name Code
Accounting acc
African Studies afs
Agriculture agri
Anthropology anth
Aplied Health Services aphs
Architecture arch
Art art
Asian Studies ast
Biology bio
Business bsnss
Business & Computer Science bscs
Business Administration bsa
Chemistry chem
Civil Engineering cvleng
Classical Languages cslng
Communications and Film comflm
Computer Science cs
Dentistry dent
Developing Nations devn
Earth Sciences earthsci
Economics econs
Education edu
Electrical Engineering elcteng
Electronics elect
English Studies engst
Environmental Studies envst
European Studies eurost
Fashion fash
Finance fin
Fine Arts fineart
Food Sciences food
General Studies genst
Health Services hs
History hist
Human Resource Management hrm
Humanities hmnties
Industrial Arts & Carpentry iartscarp
Information Systems infsys
International Relations intrel
Journalism jrnlsm
Languages langs
Latin American Studies last
Law law
Linguistics lings
Manufacturing & Mechanics manmech
Marketing mktg
Mathematics maths
Mechanical Engineering mchneng
Medicine med
Middle Eastern Studies mest
Naval Sciences navsci
North American Studies nast
Nuclear Techniques nuctech
Operations Research & Strategy oprs
Organizational Theory orgth
Philosophy phlsphy
Physical Education pe
Physical Sciences physci
Physics physcs
Political Sciences polsci
Psychology psych
Public Policy pubpol
Public Service pubserv
Religious Studies relst
Rusian and Soviet Studies rsst
Scandinavian Studies scanst
Science sci
Slavic Studies slavst
Social Sciences socsci
Sociology sclgy
Speech speech
Statistics and Decision Theory statdt
Urban Studies urbst
Veterinary Medicine vtm

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